Day 154


The story of the paralytic is a story that, I would say, most church-goers know. And, as being such, most of said church-goers most likely focus on the healing of the man who was paralyzed. One student, also.. The only student.. brought up the point that she mostly focuses on the friends of the paralyzed man. To be honest, I had never really looked at this perspective.

I’d looked at the perspective of the paralytic, and also of the Pharisees.. But somehow never of the friends. Or maybe I had, but just didn’t remember.

Anyways, the reason this was a particularly good discussion is because I finally got to realize what the main point was of this story. Sometimes, when I read the Bible and come across one of Jesus’ healings, it seems like it is just another healing. I couldn’t be more wrong.

Every encounter Jesus had with someone, left that individual changed. They were different and people knew it.

I mean.. It would be kind of obvious if a man who had been paralyzed could suddenly walk. That would be super crazy! Everyone would know, and the belief that Jesus was the Messiah would be deepened (I’m assuming).

Back to the friends.

The point was brought up that this was probably not the first time these friends tried to reach Jesus. They had probably tried a  few times before, and failed due to the crowds swarming around him. I can only imagine their disappointment every time as they tried to get to him. The thought of having their friend back, fully well, overpowered the distress from not getting close enough to Jesus. They were desperate to have their friend healed, desperate to find Jesus.

One of the things about this story is that is pertains to many different types of people. There is a place for all of us in this story and we are in it. Let’s strive to be like the friends, holding each other up – or lowering them down, in the context of this story – when they do not have the strength, or even ability to do it themselves.

Be challenged to seek God in your every day. Meet him!

Stay fresh, God bless


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