Day 153


Like working out, learning to love takes dedication if you want to see a change.

Diligence and concentration and focus are all major ingredients. Sometimes I have one of these or more, but other times I have zero of them. This usually frustrates me, because I want to be.. Better, I guess.

My friend and I started working out a few weeks ago and we decided that we want to get stronger, together. It is always good to have another person to workout with because then you have no option but to finish the reps you have to go. You have to stay accountable to the commitment you made when you started the exercise.

I think my problem when it comes to Spiritual accountability, is that I never have had anyone I felt I could fully trust. That kind of makes it hard to want to tell them what’s going on in my life. But anyways, I know that now I have multiple people for that if I needed.

Change will come with diligence and dedication and focus and concentration.

Stay fresh, God bless

Ps- I realize my posts aren’t long anymore.. What do you people think.. I’m only 153 days in and it’s dwindling! We’ll see if I can’t lengthen them.


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