Day 152

Title Here Please

Sometimes, I think I think too much. I think too much about other people. I think too much about myself. I think too much about the future. I read into things. I make things into what they really aren’t. Why do I do that? Am I the only one who does this?

I want to be focused, but when I feel like I have to much to think about, I am most certainly not focused.

How do I refocus?

Christ should be my ultimate focus. My ultimate dream. My ultimate desire.

I feel like sometimes it just seems so easy to get distracted and I don’t know how to get back on track. There is so much I do that probably has no point to it at all. I don’t get it.

Yes, I am a little frustrated. Either people are focused, or they hide it, or they just plain don’t talk about it. Why not? If we’re in a community of believers, shouldn’t we share this type of stuff with each other? Why don’t I feel like we share life? Shouldn’t we? I mean.. We’re here, at a Christ-centered college, and I feel like most of these people are different than me. Or maybe I am just different than them..

What does that mean?

Is it good?

Is it bad?

My heart wants to judge these people, honestly it does, but I can’t. I do not have that privilege, or burden. What makes a person different? I don’t know.

I don’t even know what this post is about. My heart wants to be focused and yet, as I am composing this, my mind is all over the place. I don’t want to be so scatter brained. I wish I could articulate and think like some people I know. Sometimes I just feel so inferior to them. That is the truth.

Anyways.. This is a long post about nothing.

God bless, stay fresh


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