Day 148


Four matresses. One dorm room. Two college girls. Two high school girls. One party.


My good friend’s sister, and said sister’s friend, are staying in my and my room mates room for the night. They are visiting for the day and a little of tomorrow. It’s interesting to have these people here with us because we don’t usually have people here that we don’t know. And if there are people on campus that we don’t really know, we don’t have the chance to get to know them.

But with these two girls, we get to spend the night and talk with them. I am excited to get to know these girls, even if they do not decide to attend Barclay. I hope that my room mate and I can impact these girls and help them think about the future. It is a scary thing, but it is also an exciting time in their lives.

Don’t let fear hold you back.

Stay fresh, God bless


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