Day 147

Walking in the Park

One of my favorite things to do is to be out in creation, experiencing it firsthand. My eyes are newly opened to the things God created and every time, it feels different.

My best friend and I have walked around in the same park probably over 10 times, but every time it’s new to us. We take new turns and go the other way, or our conversations are different so that makes it feel new even if we’ve been to that spot before. I think it’s amazing how things can feel so original even if we have already walked that path.

I don’t know. Something about it.

Plus, walking in the park is good exercise, and when you get to go with someone you care about, you can talk to them about what you are experiencing together. Getting the different perspective is always cool for me. I like trying to figure out what people are thinking, but it comes to a point where I would just rather them tell me outright.

We ask each other similar questions when we are out in the natural world, just to try to wiggle ourselves into their brain.

“What do you see?”

“What do you hear?”

“What do you feel?”

For me, it really makes me think. My friend is really poetic, so sometimes I try to put it more lyrical than I might have said it otherwise. My mind thinks fairly artistically, but I have started to realize I am not the best at articulating it. Either way, it gets me thinking. We’ll go kind of back and forth until we know basically what they are thinking.

Experiencing a walk in the park together is just an example. I think we need to experience life together. Life is meant to be shared. God didn’t just make Adam and drop him on the earth and say goodbye. No, he walked with him through the garden.

I want to share life with everyone around me! There’s just something so enticing about the thought that I can.. Experience life, with people. And then, when we discuss it, so many different things jump out into conversation.

I just have to be confident enough to share mine. I will be. That’s something I’m going to try to work on.

Think about it. Experience life with someone today, or tomorrow. Live in the moment, preparing for the future.

Right now is a BIG deal!

Stay fresh, God bless


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