Day 146

Ice Skating.

Lock in.

Hiding Spots.

With the youth group I help out at, we had an exciting day today! It isn’t over yet, but it’s good. We met early-ish in the morning and headed to Wichita and went ice skating. That was pretty fun. I had only been once or maybe twice before, so I wasn’t very good.. It didn’t matter because I still had fun. I fell twice, so now I’ve got two nice bruises on the inside of my knees.

After skating on the ice, we went to the mall to kill time, then off to Coldstone, where we got some yummy ice cream!

Driving back to Pratt, I think everyone in the van fell asleep except for the drive (thank goodness)..

Arrival at church induced loudness from the youth. Once they were awake, they were ready to go! After eating some tacos and munchy snacks, they voted to play sardines. Those of you who don’t know, it is like hide-and-go-seek, but backwards. One person hides, and then after however long, the other people are released to go find said person. Oh. And all the lights have to remain off.

No lights in a church can make for some easy scare tactics.

We played this game for a while and then my best friend and I volunteered to hide.. So we hid.

And we hid.

And we hid some more..

I guess we hid so well that barely anyone could find us.

That was pretty exciting I guess.. At midnight, we’ll have some worship time and then.. Who knows what.

Until then..

Stay fresh, God bless


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