Day 135


I would venture to say that I’m one of those people who learns best by doing rather than watching or being taught at. I’m not one for sitting around either. The reason I say this is because at work today, my boss actually let me do something!

Usually he just does it himself, or makes one of the guys do it, but today he gave in and I got to play the part of electrician.

I’ve never worked with wires before but, boy was it fun! I mean, even though I didn’t do it completely right, I did it partly right. Next time, it’ll work perfectly, first try!


I think we should always work this way — striving for perfection. In every aspect of our lives. If we’re to live under Christ’s example, that means we need to look towards perfection.

No, we’re never going to get there. But it is better than sitting around as if nothing even matters.

It ALL matters.

Every single thing we do, gets weighed.

Every single decision, affects the future.

Have you ever thought about that before? Don’t just sit around and do nothing. Make yourself go, and move towards perfection.

Work at it.

It isn’t going to come right away. Or ever, I guess. But that doesn’t give an excuse to not strive for it.

Stay fresh, God bless


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