Day 133


How do you become good friends with someone? I usually slowly get to know them by asking general-type questions and progressing to more in depth ones. It’s an interesting concept, really.. I mean.. Getting to know people, that is.

Why don’t we get to know God in this way?

In church today, our pastor focused on the story of Enoch. The Bible says he walked with god fro 300+ years..

That’s CRAZY!!

I can’t even imagine, first of all, living for over 300 years. I mean.. I’m only 19 right now, so that seems millenniums away!

The point was brought up that Enoch lived in a time of complete wickedness and evil. And yet. He walked with God!

What in the heck?!

I can’t fathom walking.. With.. God.

That just blows my mind..

Anyway.. That’s about it.

300+ years.


Stay fresh, God bless


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