Day 128

Old Books

Today, I went to a flea market and I got some old books. I mean.. Really old. One of them is over 100 years old! How cool is that?! I think I might try to read some of them..

My plan is to use them and make them into little scrapbooks.

They won’t be like normal scrapbooks.. But that’s not my goal. The goal is to capture memories and to do it differently.

Why? You might ask that question..

And the best answer I can give you is.. I don’t really know why I want to do it differently. I just find it more exciting to me and more intriguing! I mean.. When you open up a book, you don’t expect there to be photos on the inside. Especially inside a really old, 100 year book!!

That was just part of my day, and I’m just really quite excited about it :)

Stay fresh, God bless


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