Day 127

Missing the Goodness

Often times, I think I miss the goodness.

God’s greatness.

I went for a walk today, and there was so much goodness around me. There was no way I couldn’t see it. Or hear it. It was almost as if the tall grasses were clapping for the Creator. The birds were chirping and flitting around without a care in the world.

And there I was.

Almost missing the goodness.

God puts so much in front of us, to tell us who did it all. And we still seem to miss the goodness. How is that possible?

Everything on this earth was created by God, our Father.


It’s just crazy how much I miss, daily. And it’s always there. Every day, creation is there being all like, “hey look at me! I’m awesome!” Just.. Blows my mind really.

God is everywhere.

He created everything.

Because he can

Because he wanted to

Because he likes beautiful things

Stay fresh, God bless


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