Day 126

Getting Outside the Walls

Today, as my friend and I were on our way back to school from youth group, we began talking about a number of things and a big topic that came up was the fact that we feel the church, as a body of people, confines itself to the building. We were pondering this idea of getting people outside the walls, and why do we feel so secure and whatnot inside them anyways? We sit there in the pews, listen to the sermon, sing the words of a song or two that we don’t know, and leave.


Why does this happen?

How can we let this happen?

The leaders in the church are so full of passion, so alive, while we sit there.. Staring blankly at them, waiting for some sort of revelation to come to us. We don’t engage. We don’t participate. (not that we should necessarily speak or whatnot, but our minds and hearts should be participating.. If that makes any type of sense at all)

What if church was outside the building?

I think that to experience God fully, you have to stimulate your senses.

Hearing God’s love.

Seeing God’s love.

Know God’s love.

So often, I find myself sitting in the chapel, whether its for the chapel service or for church, and I find myself wanting more out of the experience. Yes, I’m sitting in the presence of God, experiencing the service with other believers, but I feel unchanged.

Here’s the thing.

I want to change.

Every time. I want to change.

And then.. I want to go and change others. I want them to know the joy I experience.

But if I’m sitting there, with a blank stare, not experiencing the joy.. How can I share it?

I don’t know, this idea I have of getting church to be less about the structure of the building but more of.. Actually about the people.. It’s a weird idea, and I don’t fully understand it myself. All I know is that when I am outside, experiencing God’s creation, and also hearing about the love god has for me, I can’t help but feel like everything that creation is, is screaming out, “look at me! Just look at me! God made me so you could look at me and know that He loves you! He loves you, Megan, did yo know that?! He loves you! And he made me, right here, because he knew you would see me!”

Everything about creation, screams for it’s Creator.

What about me?

Why don’t I scream for my Creator?

Why don’t I continually sing for Him?

What is wrong with me that I can’t see Him in everything?

Where did the passion go? He gave it to me, did He take it away?

No, I’ve all but suppressed it.

And why?

Because I can be pretty darn stupid sometimes.. Let’s be honest.

I want my life to be consumed with Christ. I want to get outside the walls of the church and really experience what God has for me. I know that there’s more to church than just a service. I know that there’s more to church than just preaching. We are the church and we are being sent into the world.

Are you ready?

I know I’m not, but I also know that God will prepare me. I know that God wants me to get outside the walls and break down barriers that keep people out. I know that God wants me to bring people in and to love them.

And so, here I go.

God bless, stay fresh


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