Day 124


There was a men’s basketball game tonight, and I love basketball. I played all through high school except for my senior year. And I have always loved watching the sport. Men’s games, especially, move so much faster than the girls, which makes it more exciting, in my opinion.

The one thing I have never understood or come to grips with is the fans. The cheering sections. For some reason, they always feel like it’s okay to yell at the referee’s or players and to be rude about it. Or during free throws, people will yell and make weird noises.

I find that rude.

And it doesn’t represent our school very well.

I don’t know.  It just bothers me when people are inconsiderate, and obviously being derogatory.. That’s not okay.

Especially at a school where we are God’s children, working on getting ministry degrees (most of us), I feel that we should have this under control. But maybe it will just be everywhere I go.

Who knows. Maybe I’ll start a good sportsmanship revolution.. :)

Stay fresh, God bless


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