Day 121

Here’s a Real Post!

So.. I realize that I haven’t written a real post in quite a while. Not to say that I haven’t thought of good things to write about, because I have.. But I haven’t really been “here” enough to be able to get my thoughts out in a real way. If that makes any sort of sense. Today, should be a real post.

Since I’ve been pretty sick for a few days, I’ve been able to do a bunch of reading (sad to say, not reading I should’ve been doing for school work..). I finished a short little book the other day, actually yesterday maybe.. Or the day before.. Not relevant. But anyways, it is called Stand Against The Wind, by Erwin Raphael McManus.

Brilliant little book.

The last chapter of brilliance is titled “The Greatness of Servanthood”. Then there’s a little blurb on the bottom of the page and it reads, “Servanthood is not God’s way to get us to the place where we will only be served; it is both the way and the life of the kingdom of God.”

I found this chapter to be one that I really enjoyed. Maybe because it is the one I can kind of remember the best.. But that is besides the point.

Basically, in the first paragraph, the author tells us that Jesus invites us to become part of an uprising. A rebellion. A revolution. How crazy is that?

I think I might have mentioned this before, but Jesus did not come to bring world peace, as some might think. And I even thought this once, to be honest. I did not realize that his goal was to wake up the world from their deep dreamless slumber, and turn their lives around, opposite of everything they had been told.

The crazy thing is that he wants us to be a part of it!

Mind blowing.

Anyways. This chapter isn’t about rebellion or revolution or any of that really. It’s about servanthood.

Sometimes, I think I forget about servanthood. Not that I don’t serve people, but I forget the reason that I serve people. Or maybe I don’t serve people. Hard to say. But what is easy to say, is that God serves us all the day through. Every day, every hour, every minute, every separation of time, he serves us.

As we grow in the Lord, we will begin to outwardly show that growth, by serving those around us. It doesn’t have a specific look to it, as some might think, but it looks different to each person. As we serve others, I believe God breathes a sigh of relief, “yes, my child. Now you’re getting the hang of it,” and smiles.

I can’t help but think he is proud of us when we finally get the picture and return that favor.

As we grow in humility, gratitude, and faithfulness, we find ourselves with the strength of character to endure the greatest hardships and overcome our greatest challenges. Our capacity to be resilient will increase as we journey deeper into these virtues. When we are resilient, we have an unexplainable capacity to recover …

There is so much that is inside this small little brilliant book. So much to expand upon. But I must leave it up to you to read it for yourselves. Awaken the Hero Within the cover suggests.

I mean why not? The thought of being a hero is kind of fun isn’t it? :)

God bless, stay fresh


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