Day 117


It’s a funny concept isn’t it? Well, I mean.. We always ask for strength, but usually we aren’t speaking of physical strength.

I mean, when I pray and ask God to give me strength, I am usually asking for him to help me get through whatever situation I’m going through. Right now I can’t think of anything really, but I guess I’ve been asking him to get me through this weird sickness/achy-ness I’ve had for a while.

It wouldn’t be so bad to ask him for physical strength, but that is one of those things we usually don’t say. “Hey God, can you make my muscles bigger?” No.. Usually for me it’s more of, “Hey God, I feel so weak and drained, keep me on my feet or at least carry me to the solid ground.”

There’s nothing wrong with appearing weak. Chances are, you aren’t.

Does that make sense?

No.. It’s a little backwards, isn’t it?

I think when we become humble enough to ask God to hold us and to guide us, that is when we begin to have the most strength. Yeah, it doesn’t really make sense, but then again.. It does.

In those times where we are crying out for God to heal us and to carry us, he grabs us so quickly and does not let us fall. He does not want us to fall, but sometimes we are so stubborn that he has to let us. And because of that we will learn that next time.. Being stubborn isn’t the best idea.

Asking for strength does not mean you are weaker than the next person. It means you are growing and you realize you can’t do it on your own, and I think God finds that a beautiful place for you to be.

Stay fresh, God bless


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