Day 114


Always, always are seemingly meaningless chats good for the soul. What, at first, might seem to be just another conversation, soon turns into something deeper. Something better.

The conversations that just seem to evolve are often the best because, especially if you are close to that person, you can bare your soul. We all need someone we can talk to. We all need someone to confide in.

We also need to be the people who will listen when someone needs to talk.

What if you had something you really needed to talk about, but the person you were talking to wasn’t really paying attention. That is not okay. There needs to be depth.

The relationship needs to go both ways.

God designed us as relational beings. This fact keeps coming up in my life, and it has been really opening my eyes to the person I need to be in order to fulfill my duty.

That’s a big word, isn’t it?


I do believe it is our duty, as Christ-followers, to listen and to love.

Be open

Be aware

Be a friend

Be honest

Be trustworthy


Stay fresh, God bless


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