Day 111

Complicated? Simple?

Sometimes, I wonder why we, as the US population, choose to live the opposite of simply. As in.. Complicated, maybe?

Having so much excess.. So much crap laying around, everywhere in our lives, and all it does is make clutter..

What is the point of having more possessions than we need?

What are we trying to do? Stockpile for the end of the world?

I understand wanting to live comfortably, but there should be a difference between living simply and being comfortable. Not that to live simply you must be uncomfortable, but if you live too “easily” per say, where is the risk? If you choose to live simply, it should be a little risky, don’t you think?

I feel as if, mostly, people just want to have an easy life, more or less, and then they don’t do anything about anything! And they wonder why they feel so empty..

These thoughts are coming off a bit rude, I think, and that isn’t how it was meant to sound.. Just trying to expand what I was thinking and I kind of got off topic a bit there.. Oh well.

Stay fresh, God bless


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