Day 110

Note to self:

Never, ever put contacts in saline solution made for getting snot out of babies noses.



Do that.



Turns out, I forgot all my contacts supplies, such as solution, case and my glasses..

Turns out, if you put your contacts in different saline solution, rather than the stuff made specifically for contacts, your eyes are going to turn very red and are going to hurt very badly.

Turns out, everyone in that household (except probably Charlie because she’s only three months old..) learned a lesson about eyes.

Turns out, it sucks to not be able to wear them and it makes your eyes look so creepy..

Anyways.. If you were wondering about what to put your contacts in when you forgot all your stuff.. DON’T use anything other than solution. Just run to the store really fast. It will save you lots of pain and creepiness.

God bless, stay fresh


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