Day 104

Flying Above the Whispered Clouds

Today I flew from Seattle to Denver, and then I was picked up in Denver by some friends who live in Colorado. It was my first time flying alone, so I was a little bit nervous, but once I got to the boarding gate, everything was fine. I guess my big concern was that I was going to be late or that I would get lost (and in turn, be late).

That didn’t seem too fun to me.

I did get there with plenty of time to go, and I didn’t get lost or anything. Timing couldn’t have been better, really. It’s amazing how scared I was, considering that the God of the entire Universe was watching over me.

As we flew in the sky, high above the earth, I became even more aware of the God of my protection. The clouds were billowing and flowing with their brilliant whiteness. And the mountains were gingerly kissed on top with snow caps. I has high in the sky before the sun came up, so it was the first time I had witnessed a sunrise when I was not on the ground.




Completely beautiful and there couldn’t have been anything more majestic or more comforting. As I watched the beauty unfold beneath the aircraft, I wondered why I had felt so small. Surely, I am a small, seemingly insignificant, person.. But the fact that the God who created that sunrise (and the clouds and the entire scene), the fact that HE cared for me.. That is a big thing.

In him, i truly do have everything I need. I should come to terms with that and stop trying to find happiness apart from him. He wants to supply me with joy and peace. He wants to bless me. I just need to learn to ask for it. And then let him.

Stay fresh, God bless


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