Day 102


Today, I made some really yummy food, so that’s what I’m going to post about. The recipe I found was called Crispy Southwest Chicken Wraps. I don’t really cook a whole lot, but I really love to do it. I don’t know why I don’t.. I should start cooking more :) Anyways, I got the recipe off, and whoever put it on there got it from here.

This is the stuff that went inside the flour tortilla :)
On the pan, getting warmed and cooked to perfection!

It kept falling all out of the middle when I cooked it the other way, so I tried this. Works just as well! This is the yummy-ness! Tasted great with a little sour cream and salsa, as well :)

The top left shows what I made to put in the inside of the flour tortilla.

The top right shows the first two cooking in the pan.

The bottom left shows the second way I started cooking them. I switched to this method because all of the insides kept falling out and encrusting themselves on the skillet.

The bottom right shows the middle! Num! :) If you put salsa and/or sour cream on it, BAM! Even more delicious flavor!

So anyways.. That was probably the most exciting part of my day, and it was awesome! :) If you think it sounds or looks good, go to the link above (the here one) and try making it yourself! It will leave you so very satisfied :)

Stay fresh, God bless

Ps- I don’t know why it’s formatted so.. Oddly.. Oh well :)


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