Day 100

Colors and it’s effects

(Today marks the one hundredth day of writing in this blog! Some days it is a lot harder to find things to write about, which you might be able to tell, but I think that this is helping me think through different topics. Only 266 days left!)

Anyways, a recent thought I had (really recent as in.. A few minutes ago!) was what if we were all color blind? What if we could only see things on the gray scale? What if everything was just.. Bleak and colorless?

I wonder if the things we perceive as beautiful now, would be just as breath taking without the color..

I hope we would think so!

Sometimes, I like to think of music having color. Certain types of music seem to have a deeper, darker color but other types are more bright and lively colors. Some music seems to be more patterned, changing colors and swirling all around, while still others seem to be monochromatic.

Does your brain think this way?

What can you see when you listen?

Ears open and eyes closed.. Do you see color? Do you see pictures? Do you let yourself imagine?


The whole reason I think I started pondering this idea is because of a song that came on my iTunes. It is called Colors (go figure..), by Barcelona. These are the words of the chorus:

She makes my heart scream color
I know by now she should have found me out
Every sense I have has been exhausted
But color makes her smile

I really enjoy the imagery in this piece. The whole part about how she makes his heart scream color.. What if our words had color?

Would mad words be tints of red?

Would encouragement be tones of green?

Would words of sorrow be shades of blue?

Would exclamations of joy be captured by a gradient of yellow?

Those are only my emotional connections to colors. Maybe yours are different. Maybe there are purples and teals and pinks and oranges. Do you think in color?

I believe that imagination is one of the most powerful things that we have and it’s so odd to me that as we grow older (I mean we as in our society, maybe not necessarily you or I).. We seem to lose it. As children, we have outlandish ideas and plans and we are confident that we will follow through. Then, somewhere in the process, maybe someone told us that it wasn’t possible. And that made us think that nothing would work if we just imagined it. We had to physically make it happen, and dreaming fell into the background as a childish way to behave.

Sure, we create our own destiny, but we can also imagine it first. Then once that becomes a reality, we can be much more confident in our dreams.

Do you dream in color?

I do.

Do you see in color?

I mean, really see?

Do you hear in color?

Let your imagination run wild with possibilities. Ask God for the impossible. Share your dreams. How else do you think you’ll get there if you don’t have anyone supporting you and helping you along your journey?

Life is meant to be shared.

In full, vivid color.

Stay fresh, God bless



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