Day 99


So, one gift I got for Christmas was a harmonica and I attempted to play it today.

I consider myself to be pretty musically talented, but I just could not figure that thing out. It really got on my nerves and frustrated me that I couldn’t seem to understand it. I wanted to bad to just.. Play it!

But I couldn’t.

As a matter of fact, that truly made me furious.

It wasn’t even a massive deal or anything, but for some reason, I couldn’t let go of the fact that I can’t play harmonica. It kind of haunted me for a couple hours.. But now that I think about it.. It was good that it happened.

Some lessons I guess I just have to learn by failing to play harmonica. I had to learn, by weird lessons, that I can’t always be perfectly amazing at everything. I had to learn, that it will take persistence and practice to become good at some things. And some things? I will never be good at no matter how hard I try.

Slowly, I am also realizing that there are some things that someone is going to be better than me at.

And that is really frustrating.

I guess this is just one of those lessons that God is trying to teach me humility. I have to realize that the gifts God gave me, are my own. I have to be confident in that and I have to own it. Solid. It’s hard to remember that comparing myself to others will do no good. It always just leaves me feeling like a pile of poo and like I’m not worth anything. I have to remember that there is no one else like me.

I am uniquely perfect.

And playing harmonica is not my forte.

Which is okay.

Stay fresh, God bless!


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