Day 98


Here is a quote I found in the book I’m reading. It’s called Soul Cravings by Erwin Raphael McManus and it is a completely fantastic book. Here it is:

It is important to fully live each moment, but equally important to make sure that we do not live only for this moment.

I think that’s kind of interesting because I know how a bunch of people say that they are going to live today as full as they can. Just getting through the day and they’re good.

But what this quote goes on to say is that while we live in the present, we are living for, and creating, our future. Although we may not realize it, that is entirely true. It’s crazy to think that what we do today will affect what we do tomorrow. But it’s also pretty intriguing.

It’s cool to think we control our destiny.

We control our success.

We control our progress.

We control what we become.

In a sense.

I don’t always recognize this to be a fact, but if you think about it.. It’s very much true. If I, or we, consistantly came to grasp this actuality, I wonder how it would influence the way we lived. I bet that it would be different, yeah?

The reason why I think this is because we all have the desire to be something better and to do something more. We all want to be the best.

Our destiny is what we make of it.

Have you ever thought about that? About your destiny? I mean.. It’s kind of a scary word isn’t it? I always kind of think of Star Wars for some reason.. No idea why, but it is usually one of the first things to pop into my vivid imagination.. Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and all that jazz.. Who knows!

But anyways.. Destiny.

The whole segment in the book I’m reading (aka. Soul Cravings, as mentioned beforehand) is about destiny. Whenever I start reading, I get so engrossed in the pages and I feel empowered to do anything and everything I always wanted to, but never had the courage.

Something else that is connected to our future, creating it, destiny, etc., etc. is hope.

If you do not have hope.. What, then, do you have?

You have dismay and despair.

Now.. Tell me.. Who of you wants to live in a life full of distress? (I do like using all these “D” words..) That really doesn’t appeal.. So why would you choose to not hope in the future? Why do some people choose to let their lives be led in such a manner that it seems as if all they do is sit and complain? Tell me, what kind of destiny is that?

Not a very promising one, that is certain.

I feel very strongly that we should hope in the future and live fully in the present. As we are living in the present, we need to realize that what we do with every minute, every second, every segment of time, will impact what happens the next second, next minute, next day, next month. I’m going to try to realize the importance of every moment. Granted, it most likely won’t happen every moment of every day, but hopefully, as I concentrate more on that idea, I will be able to make decisions based on looking ahead.

And this all will guide our destiny.

Remember earlier how I was saying we control our destiny? This is what I mean. If you realize the potential in every moment, and you make a conclusion based on the awareness of yourself fulfilling that potential, don’t you think that you would live every moment with a heightened insight of the future?

So, coming full circle to the quote I mentioned at the beginning of this post, what I’m trying to get at is, how are we supposed to fill our destiny if we don’t believe that we create it? If we live fully in the moment, don’t you think that it would be wise to have a goal in mind?

Something that we are hoping for?

Something that maybe would have to do with our.. Destiny?

I don’t know, I just think it’s an interesting point of view. I also think that it would be a good way to try and start living.

The cliché statement of, Live as if you’ll die tomorrow, dream as if you’ll live forever is what I start thinking of.. Yet, most of the time, those cliché’s are so true! They’re just overused, unfortunately.

If we lived each moment, as our last moment, don’t you think that more potential would be filled?

All the time?!

How can we get this idea to spread? Because.. Really.. If we could get everyone to think like this, many, many things would probably change. I think that maybe we could even solve some worldly issues such as poverty.

Destiny. Live not only for this moment, but all the moments to come.

Stay fresh, God bless


One thought on “Day 98

  1. I like it! walk in and create your destiny. If people, if humanity Got this and started living their dreams,creating their future in a way that is lived in love the world would change….

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