Day 96

Chipped Nail Polish

Sometimes, I think we are all kind of like nails..

Haha I thought of this analogy last night when I was chipping my nail polish off as I was slowly getting more and more sleepy.

So here’s my thought.. We are all kind of like nails in the sense that we start out completely blank. As in, a blank canvas. And then we see some color that we want to be, so we paint ourselves to be that color. Come to find out, it isn’t a good color at all and it just starts to chip away and fade.

It wasn’t our true color.

We get dissatisfied with what we have and try to make ourselves into something/someone else..


How is it, that we are made perfect in God’s image, and yet we still try to recreate ourselves into something that God had not intended..

The comparing game is becoming so popular today, and it’s scary. I feel it’s the cause of so many young girls with unhealthy self-images and that turns into an eating disorder or something.. It breaks my heart to know that these girls, who will grow to become women, have not seen the love of the Father, who has made them into something beautiful. Sure, we aren’t always the prettiest, or make the right decisions (which makes us less-desireable.. Or so we feel), but God has always, and will always see us as beautiful and perfect.

He loves us unconditionally.

Which makes absolutely no sense, but I am so grateful for this Love.

It is the reason I am here today!

Stay fresh, God bless


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