Day 94

Water Paint

Yesterday, I was painting with watercolors. Just an abstract thing. There wasn’t a real pattern or anything.

It all just blended together.


To use watercolors, you get the paintbrush wet, and then swish it around on top of the dry colored cake. depending on how vibrant of a color you desire, you’ll add more water, or none at all. As you’re painting, you might be thinking about how certain colors go together or  maybe about the image you’re trying to create.

Or maybe you are more like me and you just pick a color, pick a spot and go for it.

I mean, sometimes I have a plan.. But not this time. Not yesterday.

Some of my colors had more water in them on the page than others, which is what I meant when I mentioned that they blended together. The water in one color would touch the water of a different color and all of the sudden, they swirled together into a completely different color!

Sometimes it was a pretty color.. But sometimes not so cool..

In a way, our lives are like watercolors and God is the painter. Except, he is always like the first painter I described, he always has a plan and it’s going to happen. Sometimes he puts people in our lives that will really mess with our color, but in the end it always creates something beautiful. Even if it looks ugly at first. You can’t always tell when you’re in the middle of changing colors, but he knows what he’s doing.

He doesn’t need our help.

He’s got a perfect plan and we just need to let it happen. And not fuss.

Let your life be beautiful :)

God bless, stay fresh


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