Day 92


I just want to share a little of what my heart is going through right now. This is what I wrote in my prayer journal..

Africa is becoming big to me again. What is the deal with that? Reveal to me your plans! Or.. At least some of them? My heart breaks for these people. Some desire change and I want to help them make it a reality! They need effective leadership in their countries. They need water.. And food.. They need YOU.

I also feel burdened for the youth of the Nation (P.O.D. reference..). The rising young ones of our world. There is brokenness and wounds that need to be sewed and healed. Their hearts will become rock hard if we do not keep them pliable. This is true for my own heart, too. I want to love them, and lead them, and inspire them, and teach them, and mentor them, and reach them in a very tangible way. I want to gain their trust and encourage them to be honest. I want to instill worship as a daily thing, a lifestyle, rather than just songs.

God, Direct My Passions. [Lead me to You]

Stay fresh, God bless


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