Day 86

I Don’t Understand

Why do people let one thing ruin their entire day? I’m trying not to be frustrated, but I can’t help but notice how some people have let certain circumstances, sure undesirable, make their entire day turn to mush.

It doesn’t make sense.

I got a quote from C.S. Lewis on my phone today (from Twitter I confess), and it reads:

The truth is, what we call interruptions are precisely our real life, the life God is sending us day by day.

How true that is? I know that sometimes I am one of those people that I’m complaining about, but I’m changing my mindset.

There is no reason that we shouldn’t be able to overcome some little hiccup during the day. It doesn’t make sense to keep pouting about it. Obviously, God had a different plan for my day if something didn’t happen the way I wanted it to.

I need to stop listening to my voice and keep my ears tuned into God’s voice. Sometimes, I wish it were easier to hear God’s voice and then I think.. No because then everyone would hear when He talked to me and then it wouldn’t be quite so special.

I don’t know.. We’ll see..

Stay fresh, God bless


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