Day 84

Road Trippin’ !

December 16 2011

2:06pm headed out of Haviland

2:15 Brandie mentions that “Kiss A Girl” is our song.. It’s not

4:41 Lady and decorated reindeer car.. Give a wave

5:22 Gas in Colby!

5:32 Taco John’s

6:03 on the road again.. 213 miles to go.. Tonight

6:17/5:17 entered Mountain Time Zone ps- Megan is driving

5:31 Entered Sharon Springs.. And it’s dark

5:45 Entered Colorado :)

6:30 getting gas at Cenex in Flagler

6:38 Brandie = driving!

7:50 rocking out with TSwift

9:17 Beth’s house! Yip yip

December 17 2011

7:07am on the road again!

7:08 red light

7:09 cop stop in front of us

7:11 Gas! At “corner store”

7:15 on the road for real


7:28 Loveland, CO.. enough said


10:15 Gas and bathroom

10:24 back on the road, with Hannah driving

10:37 we devour some delish chips!

11:46 lunch at Rock Springs.. Mickey D’s

12:16 Gas

12:20 Brandie –> driving! (Capital Lights)

12:33pm held breath through a tunnel

1:44 Who-tah? UTAH! :)

2:28 Passed a vehicle with “slow down hehe” penned in the dust of the back windshield.. Ironic

2:36 Ogden for gas. Oil checkage.

2:57 84-West we meet again (still Brandie!)

4:00 IDAHO!

5:15 gas stop at the Traveler’s Oasis.. Oooooooh!

5:30 On the road + Megan drive + TSwift = laugh

7:06 Megan has to pee.. Stop!

7:09 Driving again.. Megan

7:50 arrival at Brad and Laura’s :)

December 18 2011

8:32am departure/gas

8:39 on the road for real!

9:02 OREGON! Yeah buddy :)

10:19/9:19 Pacific time zone

9:58 potty break.. rude lady :/

10:02 driving some more!

11:41 gas stop

1:18 GreenPlow close :(

1:26 back on the road, yipee!

1:36 Smith’s Rock (luh-git!)

1:53 heading out

2:16 Brandie’s house!

2:30 departure for Portland, over Mt. Hood

4:56 DADO!!! How I’ve missed him :)

5:08 WASHINGTON! Home state

8:01 dinner at Chevy’s in Tacoma with Dado

9:54 Home sweet Arlington :)


Above you will see the times of everything that happened on my road trip back to home. It was pretty fun and I got to spend time with two awesome ladies!

Stay fresh, God bless


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