Day 83

Smart Lyrics

“You make all things new, and no one needs it like I do”  Cross My Heart – Nevertheless

Lately, specific song lyrics have really been jumping out at me, climbing in my ear and latching onto my eardrums.

Me, my room mate and our friend are headed to the West Coast for Christmas break. We had to burn CD’s due to the fact the the car we’re taking doesn’t have an adapter. We popped in the Nevertheless one and that song came on.

I was subtly singing along and the bridge came to be. It’s funny how some songs don’t even affect me until the eight millionth time I’ve heard it. The words struck me.


For some reason in that time, I felt very alone but God was there. It made me think about how He is always there, always renewing me and I never realize it.

Why do I let that happen?

Why is it so easy to lose focus and forget about the God who is giving me each breath?

I don’t understand the way my brain works sometimes. It doesn’t make sense that I sometimes don’t acknowledge the wonder and awesome-ness of our Creator. It doesn’t make sense that He would even give me life. And yet He wants me.

I need to remember this.

We all do.

Stay fresh. God bless.

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