Day 73

Wrote A Paper

I had a paper to write today and the day before.. Lots of papers at the end of the semester.. Super great, huh? Here is part of the one I wrote for tomorrow, the day it is due. I think it’s pretty decent.. Hopefully my prof agrees!

How Have I Changed My World?

Megan Eby

As I approach this paper, I am challenged to think about my life, and some of the recent, or not-so-recent, changes I have made to my life. Many times, I am inclined to think that I am such a wonderful person and that I have continually made positive influences and changes to the world around me. This is not always the case, but before I get too far, do not think that I am saying that I have never done anything positive in the world. I am simply evaluating all 19 years of life I have lived.

My personality is one of those ones that is pretty quirky and go with the flow. I do not like to make people upset and I wish that there was not pain in our lives. This is a naïve look at the world. I understand that pain and hurt are a part of this life, and I can see the effects on everyone around me. People may not want help during these times, but those are the times that they need to be surrounded the most. This is where I come in.

Due to the fact that my heart begins to break at the struggles and pains of another friend, I would venture to say that I am pretty good at picking people up when they are down. If they do not want someone to help them, then I will simply be there if they need somebody to talk to. My heart continually goes out to those who are broken and discouraged. I wish there was more I could do for these people, but I understand sometimes things must be worked out by themselves.

As I am looking back at what I just wrote, I am not sure that this is where the intended purpose of the assignment was going. All I can say is that this paper will be filled with honesty. The topic was a bit vague, which makes this a little harder for me to write. I guess this is because I am not completely positive how I have changed my world.

I guess small decisions such as deciding to buy TOMS shoes, or purchasing fair trade items, would have some impact on the world. Truly, I do believe that it is the small decisions that, in turn, impact the big decisions. If we decide that every choice has some sort of consequence, be it bad or good, it would place more weight on how we determine what to do about any specific event. Living simply is another way I am working on changing the world around me.

So many of us have much, much more than we need. Why do we keep holding onto it? I think that if we took an honest look at, first, our wardrobe and then our other items, we would see that we have more than enough. What if we took the idea of living simply to another level? What if we completely went through all that we have, and gave the things that we don’t wear/use/want/etc to someone who needs it? Why do we insist on getting new clothes and whatnot when we already have enough outfits for three weeks without washing? This is something I am not sure I will ever understand, but I hope that I am successful in simplifying my life, and sequentially, give to someone who undoubtedly needs something that I have.

Maybe another way that I am changing the world around me is by the way I think. I believe that there is a huge potential inside each and every person on this earth. God has given us all a wonderful gift, and it is called life. Let us live life to the fullest. Let us live as if we are truly saved. I know I am guilty of this as well, but why do we seem to forget the fact that we are saved? We have been set free! If we could daily realize this fantastic truth, I am thoroughly convinced that many things would be different.

I find myself focusing on this idea quite often and hoping that it becomes a reality. What this world needs is leaders and people who are willing to risk their comfortable spaces in order to get the ball rolling. One of my goals is to be a leader, and person, such as this. I desire to change my perspective on living. I desire to consistently have the mindset that life is a blessing. I desire to regularly feel honored that I get to inhale each breath of air. I am challenged to live my life as though every moment is specifically important in some way.

This all seems like it is about me changing my life, does it not? My true feeling, is that, as I am in the process of fulfilling the calling on my life to live entirely for God and to embrace the challenges and risks, the people who are surrounding me can see that I am making a change and that will motivate them to live without reservation as well. Our existence was not meant to be lived merely day to day, but moment to moment. Realizing the power that any given instance has, is a place that I am not at, yet. Every moment has its own potential and, ultimately, it is up to us to help it reach the point of highest capacity.

By focusing more of my time on the potential of my life and those around me, I believe that many things would change. If people focused more on their studies, instead of pretending they do not want to learn, I believe that we would encounter more things that would make us question what we truly think about a given subject matter. If people trained themselves to be living examples of reached potential, I believe that we (and they) would inspire others to create a fulfilling lifestyle. Many things about the realm we live in could change, if only we would recognize the magnitude of importance that God has placed on each of our lives.


If you have any thoughts or anything, please let me know! I would love to hear your perspective on anything I discussed in this.. Weird paper. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading it, because I most certainly enjoyed writing it!

Stay fresh, God bless :)


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