Day 72


This song is just playing on my room mate’s computer.. I feel like I should say a thing or two. Here are the lyrics..

“Topics” by Nevertheless

She spent the night out with a guy
Who gives attention when she cries herself to sleep
I heard her say
So, she gives him what he wants
As long as he can make her feel okay
But she’s not okay

We avoid the topics
We make the kids have secrets
When they are exposed
And everyone else knows
We’ll say we never knew it
That they had a problem
‘Cause if we would have known
We surely would have solved it
But we can’t, it’s too late
I said we can’t, it’s too late

He’s skipping classes ’cause he hates them
And hopes he passes not to take them all again
I heard him say
He escapes them with the pills
The ones he takes to make him feel like he’s okay
But he’s not okay

God, You’ve got to save us
We hide behind the faces that we make to disguise
The things that we’re ashamed of
And all the ugly things that make us close our eyes
They make us close our eyes
Why do we close our eyes?

I don’t know really how most people feel about the next generation, but the way I feel.. Things need to change. I don’t think that many people see all the hurt in these kids’ eyes. There is so much pain and darkness.

Satan is being let into their hearts, without them even knowing.

Something that really bothers me is the types of jokes people make.. Like cutting jokes? Not funny. Suicide jokes? Not funny. Anything like those? Not funny.

I don’t think people realize that not everyone has had a perfect life. I don’t think people think about that maybe I had bad experiences as a teenager. I don’t think that people think that they might be hurting my feelings.

But this isn’t about me.

This is about the people who are going to come up after me. The ones who are in middle- and high school now. WE are their leaders.

I like to think that any person who is a leader in some way, is going to encourage the kids that are, essentially, under them. That they will empower them and teach them and grow them and help them see the Light.

I like to think that this is the case in any church/religious setting.

That’s what I like to think.

But I also know that some people are only in that position because they.. think they should be there. Not because they know they are supposed to be there.

We need leaders who are divinely passionate.

We need people who are willing to address the topics of the millions of young students today.

We need to awaken the desire.

We need to stoke the fire and get it blazing again.

Where has our wild adrenaline gone?

I guess my main thing is that I don’t quite understand how people can go around and see that something is not quite right with someone else, and then not do anything about it. Granted, I am guilty of this as well. When I think back, I know that I could have done something in certain situations. When we see the hurt and the pain, let’s not just turn our backs and pretend it does not exist.

Where the pain is, there is the devil as well. He dwells in the darkness. He thrives there.

Let’s expel the darkness and bring back the light!

Stay fresh, God bless


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