Day 70


So at Barclay College this weekend, we had the Christmas pageant musical deal. It was a little rough the first night (yesterday), but it progressively got better.

The funniest part was.. Dare I say it? A camel.. (Yes a live camel!) Left fecal matter on the floor.. Yes.. During the performance.. It was hilarious!! Mostly because it shocked all the people who came, and then the people who were walking behind had to observe the floor before each step.. Luckily, I was on the stage so I didn’t have to worry about it :)

I have been writing a lot of papers this weekend.. So I am kind of burnt out on that. I mean.. They aren’t long papers, but it’s just time consuming and not my favorite at all in any way.. I mean.. I like writing.. For fun. But there is a big difference also in writing a paper for a class, and then writing a paper about something you are interested in.. If you get my drift.

But anyhow.. I hope all of your weekends have been lovely.. And on a happy note, I get to head home in 11 days! :)

God bless, stay fresh


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