Day 67

Why Aren’t You Joyous?

Today, before worship in chapel started, a student read a poem or something and the idea he kept repeating was, “why aren’t we joyous”?

This really made me think.

We honestly have every reason to be joyous. And then we sit around like nothing great is happening. God gave us this day. He gave you the very breath you are breathing. He gave you the privilege to roll over in your bed this morning. Everything you are experiencing in this moment, is a gift.

I know that I don’t always act like everything is a gift, and that’s my bad. I need to start realizing that it’s no mistake that I woke up today. God has a specific purpose for me, for every single day. That is just insane and blows my mind. He loves me so entirely much that he has my entire day figured out. He has a purpose for me, for that 24 hour time span, and I should be intentional about fulfilling it.

I should be intentional.










Well. Sometimes, yes. I am these things. But it isn’t all the time. But it needs to be.

How can we make this more of a lifestyle?

Why does joy have to come with circumstance?

Joy should be infused in our very being. Grounded into our soul.

Joy should be who we are.

We should be people of love. And Joy. And Peace. And Patience. Or maybe just all of the fruits of the Spirit.. :) Check out Galatians 5:22,23. That’s where it’s at right there.

People of fruit.

Anyways.. I guess that’s all for today. A bit deeper than the past few days.. Feels good to write like that again :)

Stay fresh, God bless


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