Day 66


Is the first day of December! And that means it is even closer to when I get to see my family! To be honest, I do love it here, but I also really love and miss my family. It has been around four months since I have seen them and it feels like so much longer..

My family is one of the biggest influences I’ve had in my life, as I can imagine is like most people. I can’t even convey to you how much I love them. Just the fact that all of them are just as excited as I am for me to come home is such a comfort. Not that I didn’t think they would be, but it’s just cool..

I don’t know.. I guess I’m just really really excited to be home for a while. I will most certainly miss a few specific people.. But I know that it will be okay in the long run. God has a plan and being apart for three or so weeks is going to be part of it.

Stay fresh, God bless


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