Day 65

Joyful Hearts

These days, I seem to be a bit happier than some! And that is because I know God is hard at work in my heart. He is showing me that love exists, not just in the opposite sex, but also in those Godly women around me. Constantly, I am showered with laughter, love, life, and happiness. I don’t understand it, but I sure am not complaining :)

Today also marks the “Only 300 Days To Go” day! Pretty exciting I feel!

I want to be more creative in the way I write. Someone very close to me has a creative writing journal.. That is such a cool idea! Man! Then again, I have something else which is kind of equivalent.. But not, in a way.. We’ll see :)

Tomorrow is the last day of No Shave November.. Yes.. I did it. My legs look like a man’s legs.. So disgusting! Ah! But really.. That is natural.. Who even came up with shaving anyways? Jeez! It can be so painful sometimes, and it’s also very time consuming.. No fun.. But smooth legs? Yep :) haha

Who knows why I am sharing all this, I am just so full of life! It’s seeping out my pores. I can’t stop smiling and I just feel so overjoyed! I am truly blessed by my Jesus! He is Good :)

God bless, stay fresh


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