Day 63

This is where the Title will go

How does someone honestly pursue God’s purpose for their life? It’s kind of hard to know if you are earnestly seeking God’s intentions or your own. I know that sometimes I might think that I am attempting to follow God’s call on my life, but those are some of the times when I know that I am deliberately putting on an act to seem like I am doing alright. It’s hard to let go of everything I’m holding onto, in order to be in a whirlwind of a free fall, plummeting into who knows what type of a lifestyle.

I think that sometimes, I  like to pretend that I am giving everything up, but really I’m still holding onto my controlling nature. That is often the very thing I most need to get rid of. Even when I think I’m not controlling my life, I still usually seem to be. I don’t know what it is, I just can’t get away from it. And when I am doing that, I am not honestly in pursuit of God’s plan for my life.

Just some thoughts..

God bless, stay fresh


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