Day 57

Despite the World

Craziness happens when people decide to take a risk no matter the odds.

I do believe that people these days, and sometimes myself included, decide not to take the risk because they are scared of the consequences. Why? What’s the big deal? So what if we fail? Why does that single reason, so often hold us back from our true potential?

Let’s be spur of the moment people. Let’s be people that love adventure. Let’s be people that aren’t afraid of failure, because really.. If you think about it.. There is much more to life than the failures. There is much more to life than sitting around waiting for something to happen to you. Things aren’t going to just happen. Sure, sometimes they might, but it won’t be intentional, and maybe not even enjoyable. But if you take the risk, you know (kind of) what you’re getting yourself into. By taking the risk, you are assuming the challenge and you realize that it might not be easy. You are saying to the world that you don’t mind if you look like a fool, fall on your face, get back up, just to trip and fall again. It doesn’t matter what the world thinks anyways, but it is hard to get away from.

Truly, every person wants to be accepted. But we can’t let that become a reason that we don’t do anything with ourselves. If we don’t expand who we are, what then, are we living for? Other people? Well, that’s silly because they aren’t going to be doing the same thing. They won’t be living for you if that’s what you’re thinking. Developing the person you are, and want to be, is important. I do believe that we can’t live up to our potential if we are just striving to be something we aren’t. In my mind, that just doesn’t compute. The calculation results in an error. The screen goes blank. There is just so many better ways to spend our lifetime.. Rather than hoping, just hoping, that someone will love you. That someone will tell you you’re good enough. That something great will happen to you.

Get out and do something. We were not put on this earth to wait around and watch other people live their lives while we sit in our houses like caged animals. Let’s be people that dream. Let’s be people that love. Let’s be people that have passion. Let’s be the ones to change the world. we have the power to. Do you believe that? It’s true.

Despite what the world thinks, I am different than most everyone else. Despite what the world says, I will find people like me and we will change the world. Despite what the world screams at us, we will change those words.

There are greater things to be done.

Expand yourself.

Discover your passions.

Take the risk.

Change something.

God bless, Stay fresh.


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