Day 47


Yesterday in chapel, the speaker was talking about choices. Every single choice we make is going to affect someone else in the future. Long-term or short-term. I guess I hadn’t really thought about it in depth before because it really struck me.

There is so many times where someone gives me an option and I will tell them it doesn’t matter.. But what if it truly does?! What then?

I wonder how different my life would be if I always made a choice instead of saying that it didn’t matter. I’m sure that at least some things in my life would be changed. I’ve been living for 19 years so far and there have been lots of, “you decide, I don’t care” ‘s.. Hmm..

Something to ponder..

Maybe now I will concentrate on making good decisions instead of not making one. Maybe not making a decision is like making a bad decision.. I mean, I am already bad at making decisions between this and that, so maybe this could have a dual purpose?

If I started making more choices about things rather than letting them slide, I will affect things in the future and I will also be working on saying what I think. Speaking my mind.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, and to everyone else, to spread the Good News with everyone we come into contact with. Granted, it will be difficult.. But I don’t mean we have to speak the Good News, but we should act differently from everyone else. They won’t have any way of knowing otherwise. So in a way, we have many duties, to many people.

There is so much that we could change if only we consciously thought about the decisions we were making. Do you believe it? It could truly change everything. If we made the decision right now, this very second, to do our best to spread the love of God through our lives, how much could we change things!

I do believe that if we made choices now about the future, we could prevent ourselves from making dumb decisions. And we could initiate something wonderful!

Stay fresh, God bless

ps- make good choices.. ;)

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