Day 45


Sometimes, I think we definitely take things for granted.

Take, for instance, our voices.

We use them all the time, every day, filling the minutes and the seconds with audible sounds. But when someone loses their voice, all becomes silent. Suddenly, their voice ceases to exist and the minutes and seconds that were once filled with noise are now empty.

Today I began to lose my voice. didn’t think much of it at first, but then.. During choir.. Oh man. One of the weirdest experiences ever.. Especially if you are someone like me and you like to sing.. It just throws everything off.

I think sometimes I take my voice for granted. Any day of the week, God could totally be like “nah, not today. You don’t need your voice” and just take that privilege away from me. When I think about it in this way, it makes me value much more what I say. I don’t usually even think about what I say, and now.. I think I will more.

Words are powerful.

So is silence.

God bless, stay fresh


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