Day 38


I am trying to teach myself to be more content. And firstly, that is where I am going wrong. I, myself, can not teach myself how to be content. I need to ask God to help me with this.

It is becoming more and more obvious to me that I was trying to patch my own wounds. Somehow I missed the point where God said, “I am the healer. I am what you need. Why are you trying to do this yourself, my daughter? You will not be able to help yourself forever”.

He has always been pursuing my heart and I don’t know how I am always been so blind to that.

Sometimes it is hard for me to be content with where I am at because I just want to know where I will be. I get caught up in what the future holds and I am not content with what I have in this day. I get so.. Caught up in how excited I am for the future and how I want things to go and I forget that what is most important is the day. I have to love the day. I have to live each moment as it comes to me.

Just another lesson I need to learn. God, let your work be done!

God bless, stay fresh!


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