Day 37

Becoming Simple

I have decided that I am going to simplify parts of my life. Part of this includes my wardrobe and my other “stuff”. I think this project could be the start of something wonderful in my life. I also believe it is symbolic. Symbolic in the sense that I am clearing out the clutter in my life.

Concerning the clothes, I determined that I probably have a weeks worth of clothes for at least three or four people.. That is just too much. Honestly,  I do know that I have the lower end of a clothes hoard than some friends, but I still believe that my closet and drawers are just too full. I am going to go through my clothes and pick out the essentials. After that, I’ll see how much that is and then probably give myself some extra clothes for a little variety.

The other “stuff” will include anything and everything. Such as make-up, bags, shoes, and all other items. All types of things. Pretty much I am just going to go through all the things I have and if it isn’t necessary, I will put it into a maybe pile. And then I will go through the maybe pile, picking out favorite items and things I just do not need at all.

I am hoping that this idea is going to be very beneficial for myself. And in the process, I think my outer life will bee less cluttered. I will have less options and it won’t be so.. Hard to decide on certain things. Of course, now that I say that, I think it will be hard because I might wish I had more options. Especially considering clothing..

But I really do think I can benefit from it. I think that this will be a learning experience and maybe turn into a life style. A life style of simplicity and frugality.

I want to give up the things that I truly do not need in order that I may be able to see Christ more. to be able to focus on Him more effectively and more often. My eyes, upwardly fixed, always trying to see the people in need.

We shall see how this goes and maybe when I have gotten things to a smaller amount, I will have a little update! Who knows?!

God bless and stay fresh!


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