Day 32


Lately, classes have been making me think and it’s a wonderful thing. My mind is going in so many directions that it is hard to distinctly tell which thoughts I need to concentrate on.. But! For this post, I will do it!

Concentrating on overflowing. Pouring out. You know, things like that.

My most recent class, we talked about discipleship. Both sides of it. Being the one who is mentored and then on the other side, being the mentor. Each is important, but I think the most important is having someone to pour into and talk to about your life story.

If we aren’t spilling out into other’s lives, what then, are we doing?

Are we just living the day as it comes and seeing it as only that? Just a day? Not as an opportunity to do something great? Not as a chance to change someone’s life? Not anticipating the newness and the ability to create something?

Shouldn’t we be pouring into one another? Building one another up and encouraging them? Who are we pouring into? Who is benefiting from knowing us? As a Christ-follower, I have to always remember that I am being watched. The eyes are constantly on me and wondering how that reflects who I am. I would like to think that people can tell that I love Jesus, but I will never know for sure.

We must be driven to change.

We must have the mindset that we can adjust our lifestyles in such a way that pours into someone.

We must see that everything we do is seen.

We must realize, also, that we are not alone. God is there for us when we feel like nothing is changing. If nothing is changing, maybe that means that we haven’t looked deep enough yet. Maybe we haven’t found the key. The niche where we fit. The area where we excel. These are the times when we need to pray and ask God to show us new things. Ask him for the impossible.

Are you scared of the impossible? The impractical? The ridiculous? The absurd? The crazy? The unheard of?

Are you?


Why not just let God use you to change someone’s life? Chances are, you won’t just be changing them, but they will also have an effect on your heart as well. Why not just let it happen? Why resist?

God has a plan for each of us and I believe that he wants our lives to be an overflow of love! I believe that God wants us to fully invest in other people’s lives. And pouring into someone isn’t always going to be through words. It can also be by the way you act.

We have the ability to bless someone with a smile. A simple gesture that can really effect their day. Who knows? Maybe they were already having a great day, but then again.. They may not have. A smile is a simple way that you can positively change someone’s heart.

I mean.. That doesn’t really have all that much to do with pouring into people.. But I do think that it can be something that people will notice. It’s even as simple as having a positive attitude and encouraging words.

Pouring into another person’s life is, like I said before, pretty important. And through that, we will also be learning and growing. It will make us think more about what we say and do. It will make us question ourselves- in a good way- and help us think through why we do what we do.

If God has a plan for you, do yourself a favor and don’t resist it. Truly, it might not really be what you want at any given time, but ultimately God knows what is best. And he will never give you more than you can handle. This is also why having a mentor is important. For the same reasons why we should pour into someone else, they will help you hone in on your beliefs and also kind of make you question things about yourself. It isn’t bad to have questions, I personally think it’s really good.

Thinking is a good thing. Don’t be afraid of it. Just let it happen. Let God use you.

That is all for now, I guess..

God bless and stay fresh!


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