Day 31

The Challenge

Last night, my room mate asked me to do this challenge with her. The challenge was to not say anything negative for 24 hours!

No comments.

No rude sarcasm.

No gestures.

No facial expressions.

Nothing typed/messaged.

Nothing that could have been taken as a negative was allowed to be.. Demonstrated.

We also included the other half of our suite in this challenge. As a suite, I think we all did really well! At first it was kind of just funny, but then as the day went on, it just became a part of the way we thought.

I think I’m going to make it more of a part of who I am. To just concentrate on what I say and how it could be taken. Especially sarcasm, for me. And gestures. Mostly just to concentrate on how I act so I can more fully reflect the love of Christ.

Stay fresh, God bless.

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