Day 30

Love is More

Than you and me, Love is more.. Or at least it should be.

The writing above is part of the song I posted yesterday. It is the chorus.. Maybe. It is an unfinished piece that maybe I shall work on later today, but for now, I am just going to kind of explain where I am coming from.

There is so much about love that is misunderstood. At least I think so. People have reduced love to just a romantic type of love, or a love of friends, or something like that. I believe that yes, these are forms of love, but the form of love that is constantly forgotten about is the all-encompasing love. The kind of love that compels us and makes us yearn for it to be spread. I can’t contain it!

Where is the passion?

What about those people who have never heard the Gospel? They are lost and they don’t even know it! And this is the part where we come in. We must be the light. The city on a hill.  The candle brightly burning throughout the house. If you look at Matthew 5:13-16, we are the salt and the light of the earth. This means that we are to be brighter than the dim of the world. Worldly things have nothing for us and yet we continue to hold onto them. And by holding onto them, we aren’t allowing ourselves to be molded into who God needs us to be.

We were made to carry on the Mission that Jesus started. What a privilege!

So I am at Bible college right now and I am surrounded by people who are preparing themselves for ministry. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not bad at all, but the way my brain works is that we are always in ministry! It certainly isn’t bad to prepare for something that you are called to be, but I think some lose sight of the now. We are constantly in spiritual turmoil, spiritual warfare and there is no way around it. Even people on this campus are lost. Ever one of us has to realize the (I believe) greater call, to be ministering Truth within every moment.

If we lived the moments as we should- being a people of light and love- it would become our lifestyle. We would have no other choice and we would be seen as such a people that Love with all that they have.

Love is more than a four letter word and so much more powerful than people realize. Love helps. Love binds. Love heals. Love hopes. Love is strength.

I realize I kind of talk about this thing a bunch.. I guess it’s just really been pressing on my mind that I need to be a person of Love. I know I try to be, but I know there is always more.

God bless and stay fresh!

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