Day 29

Beginnings of Something That Could Be Great

This is a song I started today.. Let’s hope it’s as good tomorrow as I feel like it is today!

Here comes the day, it’s rising with the sun.

Everything is new, ’cause yesterday is done.

Love is not an option, but a way of life. 

To those around me, I need to be the light.

Love is more than you and me, love is more.. Or at least it should be.

The bruised and the beaten, broken and the weakened

(This is who we were, this is who they are)

Search the empty and find them full.

Open their eyes, to the Brightest Light

That is pouring from their soul!


So.. There’s that.. Maybe tomorrow I will elaborate more and kind of explain my thought process.. But since I am still processing, that will have to wait.

God bless and stay fresh.


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