Day 28


This past week at Barclay College was fall break and, contrary to what some might think, I didn’t have much of a break. Our volleyball schedule made it so we really only had Wednesday and today (Sunday) to have a break. But during the week, I did find that I had time to myself and how better to spend that time than to write letters to those I love?

To me, writing letters is kind of like an art form.

To some, it might just seem time consuming and meticulous.

But by now, if you have gotten to know me at all, it would be safe so say that I am not like some. And I kind of like that I am different. I see things in new ways, different colors, hear different sounds and think different thoughts. I like being that “one girl” who is always humming. Always thinking. Always creating. It’s me.

Anyways, letters! I love them because they require some form of coherent thought. There is no way, in my mind, to write a letter and not pour out some of yourself into the pages. Letters are a beautiful form of communication that has long since been forgotten due to the rise of technology in our world. This world is becoming much too impatient.  And much too materialistic.

I believe that there is power in letters because you have to sit down and take the time to think about and write down what you want the recipient to read. You have to find a way to perfectly convey your thoughts. Or.. Un-perfectly and hope that they can discern where you were going with it.

And one of the things about me is that I really try to appreciate the time and thought that people put into it. I know how long it can take to write a letter that is accurate to how I want it, and I could venture to guess that other people put at least some effort into writing a good, comprehensive letter.

I love basically everything about letters.





All of it just beings me joy and makes me excited. I love seeing that I have mail because then I know that someone took legit time to write something to me! It’s awesome! :)

Anyways.. There you have.. A lot of miscellaneous rambling. About letters.. Enjoy!

God bless and stay fresh!


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