Day 24


Today, for most of the day so far, I have been painting! It’s a simple picture really, and it’s just.. Simple. I think in an earlier post I was talking about how there is beauty in simple things.

The thing about painting that I think I love so much is that it’s relaxing, yet your mind is still at work. Your mind is constantly working to create something better than you had originally thought of. You’ll start off with an idea and it will completely transform with the time you spend on it.

When I started earlier, I had this vague idea, but as I painted more, I also trimmed my idea and shaped it into what it is now.

Some people might claim to not be creative, but I feel like everyone has creativity inside them. The only thing that sets the “creative” apart from the “non-creative” is the difference in the willingness to dig for ideas and inspiration. Those that have the urge to keep looking for more artistry are continually creating, whether they act on it or not.

I like to believe I am a creative soul and I love to put the ideas in my head down on paper or into song. The creativity is what makes my life what it is. If I didn’t have any outlets to explode into, I’m not sure that I would be the same as I am now. Things would be very different and mundane.

All in all.. I am very thankful for paint! :) Even if it is all over my hands! I always feel like I have gotten something accomplished when I have paint on me..

Stay fresh, God bless!


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