Day 22


After a really relaxing weekend, we got back and ate lunch. Had a little free time and then practice. After practice had a lovely dinner :)

This whole past few days has been really awesome because I don’t have to worry too much about school. I can just take it easy and let my mind wander. I kept finding myself thinking mostly about my future plans. Family plans. Career paths. Where I want to be in X amount of years. How I think God is going to change my life.

God is already at work and I think sometimes I don’t realize it.

As I’m sitting here at my dorm room desk, sipping my chai tea, listening to some chill music, I think back to the beginning of the semester- we’re halfway through at this point. I was a little different. I had different ideas. I had.. Not really forgotten about, but put away my dreams of going into the dark places of the Earth and bringing them light. I had not thought I would be in a relationship. I had not thought that I would fit in so well.

But everything- and I mean everything- has worked out. Simply perfectly. There is nothing I would change.

God has re-stirred the longing in my heart to go somewhere foreign and love on those broken people. Think about it. Those people have never felt a love like we have from our greatest Love! Never. Felt. It.

I feel so selfish. I whine and complain, even tonight as I walked back to the dorms, about any little uncomfortable situation. The people who have less than I are more content with what they have. I want this. To be fulfilled with even the smallest things. There is so much I have that I do not need.. And I’m sure that some of these things, I don’t realize I don’t need them. They just seem essential..

My mind has continually been on the move ever since.. Eh.. Friday night?

I’ve gotten lots and lots of time to think and I can’t stop my brain from going in the direction of Africa. And this has happened to me before. I want to go there, but I don’t know when. Or how. Or why. Or what I’ll do there. Or even where. But I want to go there. God has put this longing in my heart for these broken, lost, hurting people. I want to love on these people. I want to help them. Give them water. Give them shoes. Give them clothes. Give them Love. And most of all, introduce them to my Savior.

And now, I realize, that I kind of have talked about this before, but my passion inside my heart just cannot be contained! I want the whole world to know about this Love I have found in the man they call Jesus Christ!

He is my leader, I will follow him wherever he takes me. I am not meant to go before and neither will I because he has already been everywhere I have not.

I want these people to know my joy! I want them to sing with the confidence that they are made beautiful through Him who saves despite all the blemishes! There is nothing more wonderful than being secure in Love..

Does anyone else have this passion? I know I must not be alone in this craving of mine to reach the lost..

I am overwhelmed. My passion is flooding my veins and my heart is beating quite fast at the thought that I can- and will– make a difference. I have a purpose.

We all do.

God bless and stay fresh


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