Day 21

Creepy Movies

So this weekend, I’ve been staying at a house that my room mate is house sitting. Me and our whole suite! It’s really great to just be away from the hustle and bustle of college and have a really chill weekend. It has been really relaxing!

One of the cool things that we’ve been doing is that each one of us would cook a meal for all of us. It has been really yummy, healthy and a nice change from cafeteria food. I didn’t really make anything. I had today’s breakfast, so I just bought fruit and yogurt and made us parfaits- because, you know.. Everybody loves a parfait! :) I arranged them and everything so they looked really nice and presentable!

But to the creepy movies thing.. For some reason, we decided to watch a creepy, scary movie.. Around 9:30pm.. So it is all dark. And we are downstairs all crammed together on the couch, holding each other’s arms and talking to the people in the movie.

I don’t know if I like scary movies.. Honestly, I can’t even tell.. Is that normal?

The thing about scary movies is that they really make you question everything around you. If we have a fairly stable lifestyle, why does that make us feel unsafe after we have watched a movie like that? It’s just a weird concept that I have never quite understood. It freaks me out that such movies like that can make me scared of the dark all over again..

All the what if’s?

It’s freaky to think of how easy it is for someone to track us down, and I just don’t know how I feel about that. Not like I am super.. “They can’t know where I am”, but it does give me a little uncertainty. It’s just a weird thought.

Anyways.. That’s all I really have for tonight..

God bless, stay fresh


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