Day 18


Well. things are starting to change a little bit and I am making myself get all freaked out. For no real reason. I realize that God has His own plan, which is perfect and everything, but.. It is just frustrating because I don’t really know how I feel about all of it. I should feel happy for the changes. They should make me excited because it’s another change to.. Do something awesome!

But trusting just seems to be so hard..


But anyway, I was writing someone near and dear to me a letter and I was letting out my frustrations and complaints and all that on paper, but I started thinking about how selfish I was being. And that led to.. What about the people that have never heard the Gospel? Am I being selfish regarding them as well? These people have never heard it. They have never seen love like the Love I have.

How can I not give that away?

As I was writing, I just got this urge to get up and go now. I don’t want to be in a place where everyone knows about Christ. Alright, that was worded incorrectly. What I mean is, that I wish to go out into the world, where they are not privileged to have heard about the Love of God.

It needs to be heard!

These people need to know!

And how else are they going to hear if no one goes to them?

That is our job. It really is. And we need to realize this great call. Jesus started work here on earth, and He gave us the great task- although somewhat daunting at times- to complete it! He gave us life, saved us from sin, and wants us to finish His work.. What a gift, eh?!

I guess that it’s never really hit me in such a real way before. I bet you that this is why I have such a passion for all the lost people who need Christ. There is no other thing that makes me so.. Excited! I was just so filled! I am filled, daily, with the love of Christ and the longing to love on people who have never felt that love before. People who have never felt that Love will never feel it if we stay here.

And I guess part of what it might sound like I’m saying is that the people who have heard the Gospel don’t need to be reached.. Because they do. The people who have heard the Good News, and reject it? They are projects.. But I really believe that maybe my greater purpose is to reach out to those who have never heard anything about God or the way that He loves them.

It’s just so crazy sometimes to realize that they haven’t heard! AH!

How can we be so blind sometimes? How is it so impossible to see that they are broken people.. That they need the love.. That they are hurting and are just searching for the love that they so desperately want to feel.

And now I realize that this post isn’t really about crap.. It’s more about.. How I feel about all the people who are going through crap.. But anyway..

There’s that.

I guess I can end this for now.. :)

Just take into account all the un-reached.. Let it overwhelm your heart.

God bless and stay fresh

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