Day 17


There is such beauty in the simple things. Some might think that being simplistic is too.. Simple? I, on the other hand believe that there is such beauty in the simplest things.

Simple things like.. Clouds.



Nature in general.

I realize that nature isn’t really the most simple thing there is, if you consider all the in’s and out’s of it all.. But if you just take a walk outside.. It all seems pretty simple doesn’t it?

Things that are complicated really make my brain hurt (no good) and things that are too complex to understand.. I just don’t understand.

Simple designs.

Simple sayings.

Simple words.

To me, things that are simple, have so much more to be said behind them. If you read into whatever was said, drawn or seen, then you kind of get a bigger picture. And maybe the author, creator (or whoever) didn’t intend for a deeper meaning, but the fact that you were thinking about it is a great thing!

It means that your brain is active and alive. To have the ability to think beyond what happened, to try and see the symbolism.. To me, it means that you are one step ahead of the game! To have a brain that is continually thinking and trying to find the bigger picture, the hidden meaning.. What a great thing.

Some might go so far as to say it’s a hinderance, but I disagree. While sometimes it might serve as some sort of a prevention to your mental health, I think that all in all, it is productive. Yes, it can get you into trouble with yourself, when you think too much into something. But, like I said before, I think it’s a valuable tool for the times when the people around are dead in the head..

Sometimes, I realize it’s hard for me to collect my thoughts.. Kind of like now.. Eh!

God bless and stay fresh


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